White Papers

A selection of White Papers presented by T&VS.

  • A Hierarchical and Configurable Strategy to Verify RISC-V based SOCs – Read more
  • How to Avoid the Internet of Insecure Things – Read more
  • Reaping the Benefits of Effective Verification in Avionics Compliance – Read more
  • Reaping the Benefits of Effective Verification in Avionics Compliance – Read more
  • Requirements Driven Verification and Test with asureSIGN – Read more
  • T&VS releases paper on how to transition from OVM to UVM – Read more
  • Read about the Outsourced Embedded Software Testing white paper – Read more
  • USB OVM VIP – Read more
  • Ethernet OVM VIP – Read more
  • Outsourcing Software Testing – Read more

Verification Insights

A selection of videos that give Insight into particular aspects of Verification

  • Wilson Snyder’s Interview :  In this Insight we talk to Wilson Snyder about Verilator. Wilson tells us about the history,  motivation, business model, user base, future and much, much more. A fascinating Insight into the most popular open source simulator.
  • Interview with Dot Graham (Intelligent Testing Conference): Dot Graham is a well know expert in software testing with over 40 years of experience in the industry and two books on test automation. In this interview she discusses “Intelligent Mistakes in Test Automation” with Mike Bartley. A mistake is where you do something wrong; an intelligent mistake is doing the wrong thing but for reasons that seemed sensible or logical at the time. This is the topic of Dot’s talk at the first “Intelligent Testing” conference in Bristol in 2013.
  • Interview with Adam Sherer on UVM Accellera Committee : Mike Bartley discussed the work of the Accellera UVM committee with the Secretary Adam Sherer. Adam talks about the global appeal of UVM and what the future holds. You can find out more by attending the next European DVClub.
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