In a recent post on the EDA article clearinghouse,  Jim Hogan of Vista Ventures LLC looked into how all the EDA vendors  and leading consultants rate in terms of support for Safety Critical IC Verification.

Jim starts by stating:

“Today there is no one EDA company that has all the tools necessary to do safety critical chip verification (SCV), though virtually all are rushing to expand in this space.  Rarely does a week go by where we don’t see yet another announcement around safety critical verification.”

In the article he looks at all the key vendors; Cadence, Mentor, OneSpin, Synopsys and Aldec, and provides a matrix of their verification tools they offer before expanding on this to provide additional analysis of their solutions and place in the market.

In addition he looks at the leading consultancy companies that can provide support for safety critical IC design, and commenting on T&VS states:

“Mike Bartley has grown his consulting practice to help companies with their safety-critical methodologies.  It is mostly focused in the systematic area over random, but he does both.  T&VS has both a methodology service as well as a tool for verification
planning called asureSIGN.  asureSIGN lets you merge information from multiple sources; for example, you can merge your simulation data with OneSpin’s formal verification results using asureSign.”

This update forms the first of a number of recent posts from Jim Hogan covering safety critical IC design and Formal Verification:

  1. Using Formal along with random fault verification
  2. ISO 26262 certification and systematic verification
  3. How Safety Critical Verification is Next Big Thing
  4. Rating all the EDA vendors on Safety Critical IC design

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About Jim Hogan

Jim is currently the managing partner of Vista Ventures, LLC. Jim has worked in the semiconductor design and manufacturing industry for more than 40 years gaining experience as a senior executive and board director in electronic design automation, intellectual property, semiconductor equipment, material science and IT companies.  Currently, Jim serves on several private companies’ board of directors.  Additionally, Jim serves as a strategic advisor to several private and public companies.