Following the success of the 2012 Synopsys User Group (SNUG) UK event held on May 24th in Reading, the papers, presentations and tutorials (new and old) are now available HERE. Access is restricted to Synopsys customers / partners via a SolvNet login. To register for this you need a Synopsys Site ID (for your company) and an email address which belongs to the domain associated with that company.

Here are some event highlights:

  • We had 129 registrations for the event, 103 attended, up from 93 last year
  • The average “SNUG Overall” rating was 4.11 out of 5, up from 4.02 last year.
  • The “recommend SNUG to a colleague?” averaged at a very encouraging 4.35 out of 5.

The best paper awards and their ratings are below (you can get them from the SNUG website).

Best Paper 1stTheo Drane, Imagination (Co-author Himanshu Jain – Synopsys, Inc.)
“Property Checking of Datapath using Word-Level Formal Equivalency Tools”
Best Paper 2ndRichard Illman, Dialog
“DFT for fragmented digital blocks in mixed signal designs”
Best Paper 3rdPaul Robertson, Broadcom
Making the most of FPGA Prototyping with the Universal Multi-Resource Bus (UMRBus)
Tech Committee Best PaperJonathan Bromley, Verilab
“I Spy with My VPI: Monitoring signals by name, for the UVM register package and more”
Tech Committee
Best Paper – Honorable Mention
Andrew Appleby, Touqeer Azam, Sonia Caldwell, Feng Hong, Mark Scoones, CSR
“Timing Sign-off with Statistical Variability: Advanced On-Chip-
Variation Modelling (AOCVM) — the theory and the practice”

Here’s a selection of comments on the feedback form, responding to “What did you like best about SNUG?”:

  • Well attended by like minded individuals and companies
  • Learning from other users experiences
  • I got to do my first public presentation
  • Real customers experience presentations
  • Useful information on avoiding pitfalls from other users
  • Opportunity to discuss issues with experts and other tool users
  • Sharing of ideas and experiences of using Synopsys tools and hardware
  • Being able to meet other people and discuss technical issues and they
    see things
  • Meeting industry peers and company experiences & learning from them
  • Good opportunity to listen to the other engineers
  • Well presented interesting papers
  • Getting a feel for what other people do with the tools
  • Number of keen knowledgeable people that attended
  • Out of the box learning experiences from various industries and
  • Learning about the challenges other people are facing and how they’re
    overcoming them

So, a big emphasis on the opportunities to learn from other users & to network with them, the experience and also the quality of the papers.

The SNUG Tech Committee is spread across Europe. Click HERE for a photo of the UK based Committee guys who were there at the end of the event. Unfortunately Mark Wilmott had to leave early and Justin Mitchell didn’t make it. From Left to Right; David Long, Mike Bartley, Stuart Vernon, David Tester, Richard Illman. Contact Mike Bartley if you would like to join the technical committee.