1. Integration of updated libraries
    • INCISIVE version: 14.10.007
    • Questa version: 10.2c

    The asureSIGN reader is compatible with later version of INCISIVE™ and Questa™. So coverage files generated with these later versions can be read into asureSIGN.

  2. asureVIEW: Introduction of the first release of the web based data analyser to allow real-time analysis and management of multiple asureSIGN projects and variants.
  3. Bugs in older versions of INCISIVE are fixed in INCISIVE version 14.10.007 which allows asureSIGN to capture additional data such as assertions having pass bin and fail bin hits as zero.
  4. Coverage Merge: asureSIGN now merges coverage data captured from different regressions into a single regression inside asureSIGN. This feature gives the capability to execute tests on different test benches and integrate these into asureSIGN. Coverage merge is implemented for:
    • UCIS DB
    • UCDB
    • OneSpin
  5. The Current Working Directory (CWD) is now retained by asureSIGN.
  6. URL support inside asureSIGN GUI:  For a better description of a feature or a goal the
    Inside Editor user can provide links to web-based information that will launch the default browser.
  7. Extended the PDF export capabilities.
  8. Deleted Requirements: asureSIGN now highlights deleted requirements caused by a partial Import of updated requirements.
  9. Improvements to the Command Line Interface
  10. GUI Enhancements: Extended the behaviour of the GUI in relation to the requirements hierarchy and scrolling in the plan editor.