Thank you for your continued interest in asureSIGN and asureVIEW. We are pleased to announce the list of new features.

December Release

  • Initial ReqIF Support:
    asureSIGN now support ReqIF format enabling users to import requirements which are defined in ReqIF supported third party tools.
  • Impact Analysis:
    Impact analysis functionality helps determine and highlight all the possible relations/dependencies, arbitrary node ‘X’ has with other nodes of the tree. This enables users to evaluate the impact of a change to the node ‘X’, before the change is actually implemented. Impact analysis can be analysed during a Partial Import. While analysing the impact of the node on other nodes the following are considered:

    • Hierarchical relations
    • Copy-Link mappings

Live Webinar Demonstrations

We are now offering live webinar demonstrations of asureSIGN where you can see the power of asureSIGN in just 30 minutes from the comfort of your own desk. Please email asureSIGN sales to request your personal demo.