Thank you for your continued interest in asureSIGN and asureVIEW. We are pleased to announce the confirmed list of new features in release

June 2016 Release

  • PDF Report Enhancement: Reports generated in asureSIGN now include indexes for faster access, and ease of use and include enhancements to mark Copy link information, i.e. slave nodes are now click-able.
  • Coverage Merge: Coverage Merge allows coverages to be merged inside the asureSIGN application. Coverage (Functional/ Structural/ Assertion) generated from multiple test bench can now be integrated inside asureSIGN with respect to the same regression*.
  • Coverage Exclusion: Coverage merge now takes in to account Coverage Exclusion (INCISIVE and OneSpin) while doing the merge operation*.

* Coverage Merge is applicable to Module based coverage only.

Live Webinar Demonstrations

We are now offering live webinar demonstrations of asureSIGN where you can see the power of asureSIGN in just 30 minutes from the comfort of your own desk. Please email asureSIGN sales to request your personal demo.