Thank you for your continued interest in asureSIGN.  The following features have been identified for inclusion on the current roadmap and will be integrated in future releases.


  • VCS (Synopsys) Integration: The core power of asureSIGN is its ability to interface with leading Hardware Description Language Simulators in the industry. asureSIGN is capable of reading Coverage DB generated using different simulators, and mapping with Projects requirements, applying algorithms and generating reports to show true status of project.  Presently asureSIGN is capable of capturing coverage from:
    • Questa (Mentor Graphics) – ucdb format
    • Invisive (Cadence Design Systems) – ucis format
    • OneSpin XML format
      Additionally asureSIGN can read software coverage generated via:
    • VectorCAST, reports in XML format.
    • In future asureSIGN will be integrated with VCS (Synopsys) too.


  • Source Code Tracking, and Mapping:  Mapping between Project requirements and coverage & test, is important to track Project progress. Currently mapping in asureSIGN is based on the Simulation Path, Test name etc.The requirements can be captured via xml import in three ways:
    • asureSIGN format
    • ReqIF format (to support IBM Doors integration)
    • ARQE format (AsureSIGN Requirements Qualification Engineering: a proprietary schema).asureSIGN uses Version Control System to track the source code with respect to asureSIGN.      Currently work is ongoing for improving mapping capability, this will allow tracking of source code inside asureSIGN, to capture the requirements and do the mapping.
  • Performance Improvements: As a part of our continuous efforts to bring better experience with asureSIGN we are continuously improving performance with each new feature added to the tool.
  • Doors analysis & Integration : Direct integration with DOORS via the REST api and also export of ReqIF to be imported into Doors if required for full two way integration

Live Webinar Demonstrations

We are now offering live webinar demonstrations of asureSIGN where you can see the power of asureSIGN in just 30 minutes from the comfort of your own desk. Please email asureSIGN sales to request your personal demo.