Thank you for your continued interest in asureSIGN. We are pleased to announce the features for our October release, which include:

October Release

  • Mapping String Improvements: A new feature to allow a user the ability to directly map to goals via selection as opposed to via a mapping string. The tool are mutually exclusive and this aims to ensure that we can both support multiple mapping (which may run into hundreds) to a specified mapping to ensure mapping strings do not implicitly select targets.
  • Enhanced Reporting Options: A new advanced filtering option in the latest release allows the user to produce reports based on its results status and other attributes. This allows the users to better manage their teams by, for example producing a list of unmapped goals, which would indicate that the tests need either mapping or implementing, similarly a list of unmapped tests can indicate redundant tests or missing feature descriptions.
  • Filtering in Editor tree view: To allow for the user to understand the context of filtering on the hierarchy team the feature has been extended to expand the full hierarchy of the paths to the filtered matches which are highlighted in purple to easily identify them.
  • Percentage interpretation issue when goals not 100% required: Percentage pass as identified by the user is now adopted by parent features, so when a 50% pass is acceptable in a child node the parent node will be shown as acceptable but will also identify its true pass rate, this allows for easier auditing and alerts the user to the fact that a child node has been signed off as less than 100%
  • Usability Improvements: Resizing of the coverage result history pop-up window in the Design Analyser. asureSign will warn if edits are not applied and user tries to close the editor window.

Live Webinar Demonstrations

We are now offering live webinar demonstrations of asureSIGN where you can see the power of asureSIGN in just 30 minutes from the comfort of your own desk. Please email asureSIGN sales to request your personal demo.