T&VS have a wealth of experience in complex CPU verification both advising and supporting verification strategies and their execution. The asureISG tool from T&VS s extends this consultancy service to provide RISC-V verification engineers with an advanced Instruction Stream Generator that they can use to accelerate the verification of CPUs with complex performance enhancements.

At the heart of most SoC’s is a CPU that implements a variety of performance enhancement such as; pipelines, multiple instruction issue, out-or-order execution, branch prediction and caching. Each of these enhancements can break the functional correctness of the core and can be challenging to test and verify.

Discoving Bugs With asureISG

RISC-V VerificationasureISG accelerates the completion of CPU code-coverage and helps discover bugs that often go unnoticed with traditional directed testing. The tool includes support for:

  • Event generation for mimicking complex system (e.g. sensor inputs)
  • Random generation of structures (e.g., directed graphs)
  • Developed in pure C++
  • Directly generate:
    • Directed instruction assembly
    • Constrained Random instruction assembly
    • Special scenarios to verify CPU performance and corner cases
  • Generate cases with sequences, constraints and policies
  • Generate performance monitoring instruction streams, including:
    • Various kinds of inputs, resources, resource sharing, etc.
  • Configure specialized streams for specific unit-level instruction verification

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