Application Security with asureSECURE
Even when developers are following secure design principles and secure coding guidelines, mistakes are made. TVS can perform automated code vulnerability scanning using a range of tools to suit your budget and threat assessment. The reports from these tools provide us with guidance on where vulnerabilities are most likely to exist.

We complement this automated tool service with human expert code inspections to separate the true vulnerabilities from the false-positives, and also look for false-negatives the tools may have missed such as data encryption weaknesses bespoke to your applications and the context of their usage. No matter which technology you are using, TVS can provide affordable expert advice on remedial actions to apply and reinforce appropriate security controls, thereby preventing vulnerabilities from being exploited by threat agents.

The outcome of our code inspections is a high level of confidence that security risks are being identified and managed, rather than ignored or improperly handled. We prioritize activity based upon realistic threat assessments and use the TVS onshore-offshore affordable cost model to apply the asymmetric economics of cyber security in your favour rather than the attackers.

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