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System Integration

With ever-increasing functionality being crammed into smaller form factors with every new product iteration, system integration has become a very complex, time-consuming and error prone exercise. The challenges posed in designing, integrating and testing a fully functional system comprising many IPs, modules and devices from different vendors without slipping the go-to-market window make System Integration a truly formidable task beyond the reach of engineering and product teams with limited resources.

The T&VS System Integration solution has been designed to help customers tackle these challenges by leveraging T&VS’ vast experience in all aspects of System Integration. With an ever-expanding portfolio of offerings and a track record of successfully executing multiple such programs across the globe, T&VS is well positioned to become your System Integration Partner of choice.

Connecting Wireless technologies and Software Development seamlessly

Supported Industry verticals

  • Industrial
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Retail
  • Medical

Customer Success Stories

  • Helped a taxi fleet operator reduce operational costs by 25% by architecting, designing and deploying a cloud-based system with GPS tracking, live control room monitoring and ability to generate on-the-fly intelligence reports
  • Enabled live inventory tracking for a shopping retailer with multiple stores across the country
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