Python Automation

T&VS are experts in using the Python to help automate software testing and have extensive hands on experience across a variety of projects and implementations and always focus on the benefits and ROI.

What is Python?

Python is a high-level back-end programming language that is commonly used in software testing for automation. Python is: powerful; fast; integrates well; is easy to learn and is Open source.

A Brief History of Python

  • Python 1.0 was released in 1994 when its creator Guido van Rossum was confronted by the shortcomings of ABC language.
  • In 2000, Python’s core development team released Python 2.0 with many improvisations including a garbage collector and support for Unicode.
  • Python 3.0 was released in 2008 a multi-paradigm language offering developers the options of object-orientation, structured and functional programming.
  • Python has multiple implementations including: Jython, scripted in Java language for Java Virtual Machine; Cpython, which is written in C and is the most popular implementation of Python.
  • Today, Python is still very popular for companies that require: rapid prototyping and development of applications; integration of data analysis and statistical techniques into workflows; complex machine learning, statistical analysis, or data manipulation and mining.

Python Testing with T&VS

  • The Python testing experts
  • Vast practical hands on experience across variety of projects and implementations.
  • Automation Centre of excellence in UK and India
  • All automation consultants cross trained in Python and other common languages
  • Automation delivery is focused on business benefits and ROI
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