Are you the victim of the CyberAttacks? Join the T&VS security training program to learn how to battle current & future attacks.

Key Topics Covered

1Introduction·      History of Hacking
2Foot printing·      Types of Footprinting

·      Footprinting Tools and countermeasures

3Enumeration·      Enumeration Techniques

·      Enumeration Countermeasures

4Network Scanning·      Network Scanning Technique

·      Network Scanning Countermeasures

5Trojan & Backdoors·      Types of Trojans

·      Trojan Analysis

·      Trojan countermeasures

6Virus and Worms·      Working of Viruses

·      Virus Analysis

·      Computer Worms

·      Malware

·      Analysis Procedure and Countermeasures

7Google Dorking
8Buffer Overflows
9Sniffing·      Packet Sniffing Techniques

·      How to defend against sniffing?

10Social Engineering& Brain Hacking·      Social Engineering Techniques

·      Identify Theft

·      Social Engineering Countermeasures

11Denial of Service·      DoS/DDoS Attack Techniques

·      Botnets

·      DDoS Attack Tools

·      DoS/DDoS Countermeasures

12Cryptography·      Different Types of Cryptography Ciphers

·      Cryptography Attacks

·      Cryptanalysis Tools

13Email Attacks and Phishing
14Session Hijacking Techniques·      Session Hijacking Techniques

·      Session Hijacking Countermeasures

15Servers Attacks – Web Server, Web Browser·      Different Types of Webserver Attacks

·      Web browser attacks

·      Web based Password cracking

16SQL Injection Attacks·      SQL Injection Attacks

·      Injection Detection Tools

17Parameter Manipulation
18Cross site scripting
20Penetration Testing& Reverse Engineering·      Various types of penetration testing

·      Penetration Testing Roadmap

21Frauds & Countermeasures·      Credit Card Frauds
22Next Generation Attacks
23Ethical Hacking as a CareerIn detailed discussion on Information Security Industry growth and its present career opportunities



  • Should know how to use Web Browsers
  • Basic HTML Familiarity
  • Basic networking will be helpful

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