Formal Verification Training

Target Audience

  • Design Verification Engineers and Managers
  • Design Engineers wanting to understand more about feature extraction
  • Companies trying to move to the latest verification techniques and strategies


  • 1 day of interactive style lectures and a number of case studies
  • Use of client requirements as examples is encouraged


  • None, no prior knowledge is required and will also speed up the class.
  • It would be useful if some example client requirements can be provided to TVS in advance to use as examples. This is not obligatory.

Outline Course Content

  • Putting feature extraction in context
  • Worked examples of feature extraction
  • The Verification Plan
  • Some techniques to apply during feature extraction
  • The typical life-cycle of a Verification Plan
  • Exercises on simple feature extraction
  • Feature Extraction in Context
  • Additional exercises on feature extraction

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