Formal Verification Training

An Intensive 2-Day Course

Target Audience

  • Avionics Software Engineers and Managers

Key Topics Covered

The main emphasis in the training is a practical guide to achieving DO-178C compliance through strong requirements management and verification.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course the attendees will be able to:

  • Elicit requirements, using modelling if appropriate, and document them within a DO-178C framework
  • Analyse, validate and manage those requirements within a DO-178C framework
  • Write, organize and optimize requirements for verification
  • Make verification less difficult, less expensive and less time consuming
  • Ensure verification complies with DO-178C
  • Explain how certification works
  • Use the current guidance for DO-178C projects to navigate and understand the DO-178C life cycle, supporting processes and documentation
  • Describe the system safety assessments
  • Explain the DO-178C Design Assurance Levels (DAL) and how compliance works
  • Set up a project correctly through proper planning by creating software Plans and Standards


  • 2 days
  • The course explains concepts through examples and attendees can practice their new skills through case studies.
  • Day 1 covers Requirements Management
  • Day 2 looks at practical applications using the DO-178C standard


The following prerequisites is required of the delegates:

  • Experience of working in an Avionics environment
  • Knowledge of Avionics terminology

Course Content

  • Day 1 – Overview of the course
    • Motivation: why is this course required?
    • Content
    • Objectives
    • Expected outcomes
  • Requirements Management
    • Part 1: Analysis and elicitation & Workshop
    • Part 2: Documentation & Workshop
    • Part 3: Model Based & Workshops
    • Part 4: Natural Language & Workshop
    • Part 5: Safety & Workshop
    • Part 6: Requirements Management & Workshop
    • Part 7: Tooling & Process & Workshop
  • Day 2 – DO178C
    • Introduction to DO-178C
    • System Aspects Relating To Software Development – DO-178C & Case Study
    • Software Life Cycle + Case Study
    • Software Planning Process + Case Study
    • Software Development Process + Case Study
    • Software Verification Process + Case Study
    • Software Configuration Management  + Case Study
    • Software Quality Assurance Process + Case Study
    • Certification Liaison Process + Case Study
    • Software Life Cycle Data + Case Study
    • Additional Considerations

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