Coverage metrics are a key for effective chip verification, but many types of coverage tend to focus on the implementation rather than the verification intent.

Tom Anderson, Vice President of Marketing at Breker Verification Systems, discusses “System-Level Coverage Closure with Graph-Based Portable Stimulus” at DVClub Europe on 1st December 2015.

Tom introduces system-level coverage metrics that are captured by the graph-based scenario models used to drive a portable stimulus solution as defined by Accellera. Tom Anderson will focus on the following key points:

  • Multiple forms of coverage metrics
  • Graph-based scenario models at system-level coverage metrics representing verification intent.
  • Graphs enable fully automated system-level coverage closure

If you want to find out more about Graph-Based Portable Stimulus, then join us on the 1st December.

You can attend physically at UWE( in Bristol, Cambridge, Grenoble and Sophia ) or remotely and you can find out more about the conference and how to register here