In his forthcoming talk at DVClub Europe on Tuesday 1st December, Adnan Hamid (CTO and Co-Founder) Breker Verification Systems will discuss using graph based portable stimulus in system level coverage closure.

Coverage metrics are a key for effective chip verification, but many types of coverage tend to focus on the implementation rather than the verification intent. This talk introduces system-level coverage metrics that are captured by the graph-based scenario models used to drive a portable stimulus solution as defined by Accellera.

In addition to the higher level of abstraction provided by system-level coverage, the nature of a graph means that all paths can be analyzed and closure is guaranteed for all coverage defined by the graph. It is possible to automatically generate a set of test cases that hit all system-level coverage metrics, including complete exercise of all corner cases in standard protocols. System-level coverage results can be exported as SystemVerilog coverage so that it can be merged with other metrics.

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