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4 Reasons to Boost Your Regular Test Efforts with Crowd Testing

When you need to test a specific aspect of your product fast and you want multiple testing groups with diverse experiences, you can find your answer in crowd testing. This article from Techwell describes how crowd testing boosts your testing efforts and ensures your products are tested by real users across multiple browsers, operating systems, [...]

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CrowdTesting: Overview of a Powerful QA Testing Tool

CrowdTesting is a practice that harnesses the efficiency and advantages of crowdsourcing for software testing. This article from DZone highlights the processes, merits, and challenges of crowdtesting and provides a better understanding of this new branch of software quality assurance and its possible place in software development lifecycle. Read More Find out how T&VS services [...]

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Is Crowdsourced Testing Right for My Team?

Crowdsourced testing is an emergent method of QA testing which leverages a dispersed, temporary workforce to test software applications quickly and effectively. This article from DZone summarizes the best practices that help you decide why crowdsourced testing is the right for your team and outlines why crowdsource testing can be a powerful tool for optimizing [...]

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Benefits of Crowd Testing

Crowd testing is a form of testing in which a crowd-sourced platform is used to connect testers from around the world to testing projects. It gives the ability to get complete coverage in terms of devices and locations with the flexibility to scale testing efforts, making it easier to plan and align testing strategy with [...]

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Who Needs Crowd sourced Testing?

Crowdsourced testing is an emergent method of QA testing which leverages a dispersed, temporary workforce to test software applications quickly and effectively. It is an excellent method of execution for feature verification in later stages of development. This article outlines how crowd sourced testing works and who needs testing. Read More Find out how T&VS services [...]

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What are the advantages and challenges of Crowdsourced Testing?

Crowdsourced testing facilitates testing under diverse realistic scenarios and make use of all techniques for testing the applications which can easily adapt to every changing demand of the software testing industry. This article from Software Testing Solutions describes the advantages and the challenges to overcome while implementing crowdsourced testing which improves team productivity and performs [...]

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Why Crowdsourced Testing approach is the best fit for enterprises

Crowdsourcing is emerging as the new on-line distributed problem solving and production model in which networked people collaborate to complete a task. Enterprises are increasingly employing crowdsourcing to access scalable workforce on-line and establishes interfaces to testing environment. This article describes the reasons on why the crowdsourced approach is the best fit for enterprises. Find [...]

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Improving Product Quality with Crowdsourced Testing

This article from DZone outlines why crowdsourcing is the solution for improving product quality without slowing down deployment time and how it provides a bandwidth boost that can help teams improve product quality. Read More Find out how T&VS Crowd Software Testing Services helps you decrease time to market, maximize ROI, and provide higher quality.

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What is Crowd-sourced Testing and Why it matters

Although internal testers are a vital part of rooting out critical defects in the code, sometimes problems can be found in real-world situations. This is where crowd-sourced testing comes in. This article from Zephyr describes what types of benefits crowd-sourced testing can bring to testing and outlines how it can help quality assurance management. Read More Find [...]

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Where is crowdsourced testing useful

Today, crowdsourced testing has become a popular trend in software testing. It ensures the application to be robust and cost effective, especially for applications like mobile platform, distributed applications and globally available web applications which are deployed on cloud platform. This article describes why crowdsourced testing is reliable, cost efficient and enhances product quality. Read [...]

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