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Demonstrating DO254 & DO178C compliance – see asureSIGN demo at DVCon Europe on November 11-12 at Munich

Markets such as automotive, avionics, nuclear, medical, rail, industrial, etc. require compliance to stringent development standards to ensure the devices are safe. As more devices become connected then security also becomes increasingly important. Mike Bartley  of TVS, David Kelf from OneSpin Solutions and Dr. Ryan Kastner, co-founder of Tortuga Logic will cover the following topics [...]

4th November, 2015|Active Event, Blog, Events|

Mike Bartley (CEO and Founder, TVS) to present at Embedded Safety and Security Summit 2015 on “Advanced Verification techniques for DO-254”

Hardware verification has made many advances in recent years: constrained random testing, functional and code coverage, assertion-based verification, metrics-driven verification, formal verification, requirements-based verification, and many more. As the complexity of FPGA designs used in avionics increases then the need to move away from directed testing to these more advanced techniques becomes more important. However, how [...]

A European Twist on DVCon

DVCon has been running in Silicon Valley since 1988 but is now going on the road, arriving in Munich, Germany on October 14th and 15th 2014, where it will receive a European makeover. In anticipation, I’ve talked to a number of key people involved to find out what the European slant on DVCon will be. [...]

22nd September, 2014|Active Event, Events|

Visit us at DVCon Europe 2014

T&VS will be presenting a tutorial and exhibiting at this year's DVCon in Europe, so if you're visiting please check out our tutorial and technical talks or come along to our stand for the latest solution demos and announcements; including asureSIGN, our leading-edge leading Requirements Driven Verification tool - or simply stop by for a chat. The [...]