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When Why and How Should You Use Embedded FPGA Technology

Data center managers want their facilities to be more reconfigurable and programmable, as opposed to the old PC era of hardware that must be replaced to keep up with changing standards and protocols. Until now, reconfigurability didn’t exist, and a change in protocol could easily require a data center operator to replace every chip in [...]

Embedded FPGA: Increasing Security in Next-Gen Networks

FPGAs combine the programmability of processors with the performance of custom hardware. As they become more common in critical embedded systems, new techniques are necessary to manage security in FPGA designs.With the increasing use of FPGAs in many embedded applications, the failure to protect FPGA-based embedded systems from cloning attacks has brought serious losses to [...]

Embedded Software Verification Issues Grow

Embedded software is becoming more critical in managing the power and performance of complex designs, but so far there is no consensus about the best way to approach it and that’s creating problems. This article from Semiengineering outlines the approach to overcome the challenges of verifying the embedded software and explores the comprehensive coverage of [...]

13th December, 2016|Blog, Thought Leadership|

You needn’t decide between prototype or emulation

As the methodologies of prototyping and emulation begin to penetrate each other, the arguments for one methodology over the other begin to disappear. The need for speed, interfacing, and debugging requirements are slowly merging the methodologies of prototyping and emulation into one. Zibi Zalewski from Aldec outlines when to choose prototype or emulation by explaining [...]

22nd September, 2015|Blog, Thought Leadership|