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The Role of Software Testing in Healthcare

Software testing plays a vital role in the healthcare industry in order to ensure that the data are safe and software is efficient to handle such huge and complex process. This article describes the methods by which software testing helps the healthcare industry and thus helps the developers to create apps that are completely secure in nature. [...]

Why Medical imaging systems need more Cybersecurity?

As more medical devices get connected to integrated delivery networks and hospital computer networks, the risk of Cybersecurity breaches posing threats to patient safety increases. This article from Search Health IT describes the vulnerabilities of medical devices and provides tips for mitigating security threats to medical imaging systems. Read More Find out more about how [...]

Ways in Which Software Testing is Helpful for Healthcare Industry

With the increasing demand for interoperability, regulatory compliance, and the end-user technology compliance, testing of healthcare applications today involves deep technology expertise, significant time and resources, and inflated costs. Software Consultant, Sofia, describes the ways in which software testing is helpful for health care industry. Read More Learn more about how T&VS Medical Testing is [...]

Why Medical Device Security needs a comprehensive approach

Medical Device Security is becoming one of the top issues in the healthcare industry, especially as more healthcare providers implement connected devices. Organizations must ensure that all medical devices should have the necessary security solutions in place to prevent unauthorized access.  This article from Health IT Solutions outlines why medical device security needs a comprehensive approach. [...]

Static analysis and IEC 62304

The IEC/ISO 62304 standard defines a risk and quality driven software development process for medical device software. The standard emerged from recognition that software plays a significant role in medical devices and that software quality and risk management are essential to develop safe software. This article from GrammaTech describes the benefits of static analysis to ensure better [...]

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Dealing with Security in the real world

Security will always remain a challenge for newly advanced technology. The problem with security is that it is a huge domain and to solve all known problems are not tractable.  This article from Trip wire describes why real world security is so much more complicated in medical software systems. Read More Learn more about T&VS Medical [...]

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