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Do we need an Easier UVM?

At Verification Futures, Bangalore on May 13th, John Aynsley, CTO at Doulos, will be presenting on EasierTM UVM which consists of a comprehensive set of coding guidelines for the use of UVM and an open source UVM code generation tool. The EasierTM UVM course, developed by Doulos, the global leader for the development and delivery of market [...]

DVClub – Measuring the Effectiveness of Verification Environments

Join us for DVClub on Monday 28th April, where Yogish Sekhar from Dialog Semiconductors, will be discussing Measuring the Effectiveness of Verification Environments.  During the presentation he will be talking about shrinking transistor sizes which mean more complex design is squeezed into the same area that was used a product generation earlier.  The world is [...]

DVClub 28th April – Certitude Tooling

Join us for the next DVClub on Monday, 28th April where Satwinder Singh of Infineon will be talking about using the Certitude Tool, to ensure the quality of a reusable testbench does not deteriorate across projects.  The flow described in this presentation reuses Certitude results to ensure that adding functionality for reuse doesn’t affect the [...]

DVClub Europe 28th April 2014

TVS is hosting the next DVClub on 'Verification Qualification' at various locations in Europe. This follows the highly successful DVClub on Managing Verification Data UCIS that took place on Monday, 13th January 2014 and was one of the most attended DVClub to date with almost 200 registrations. The event will be held between 12:00 to 14:00 [...]

Verification Futures India 13th May 2014

Verification Futures, returning to Bangalore on 13th May 2014, is a one-stop-shop that offers you the opportunity to network with Verification specialists and all of the major verification EDA vendors in the same venue. Venue: Hotel Park Plaza, 90-4 Marathahalli/Outer Ring Road, Bangalore, Karnataka - 560037 Verification specialists from a number of product companies will share [...]