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A selection of posts from T&VS and other industry thought-leaders on a variety of topics relating to making products more reliable, safe and secure.

Cloud-based Functional Verification

IC design teams are stretching the limits of design and verification computing resources on premise, so many are looking to add cloud burst capabilities to help with demanding workloads like functional regression testing. This article explains how functional verification can be improvised with cloud computing. Read More Find out how T&VS Verification services help to [...]

2019-04-17T07:56:48+00:0017th April, 2019|Blog, Thought Leadership|

5 Mistakes To Avoid In Software Testing

Failure to give ample time to testing is a major flaw. First of all, a structured testing approach is required and cannot begin the testing process until the full scope and requirements is understood. This article explains how to avoid mistakes in software testing. Read More Find out how T&VS Software Testing services help you to establish [...]

2019-04-17T07:53:42+00:0017th April, 2019|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Towards mobile healthcare with medical-internet of things (IoT) devices

To achieve better medical services with early diagnosis and early therapy, innovative solutions for preventative medicine have been continuously investigated and promoted to both medical centres and local clinics. This article explains how IoT technology affects healthcare industry. Read More Learn more about how T&VS IoT driven connected healthcare services can help organizations innovate and improve patient satisfaction [...]

2019-04-17T07:51:15+00:0017th April, 2019|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Igniting the Next Industrial Revolution with IoT

As IoT drives the next industrial revolution, managers can start saying goodbye to downtime. There is a serious need for secure connections as IoT becomes more prevalent within manufacturing processes. This article explains how to initiate the next industrial revolution with IoT. Read More Find out how T&VS IoT services help to build a foundation of trust, [...]

2019-04-17T07:47:37+00:0017th April, 2019|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Big Shift In Multi-Core Design

System-wide concerns in AI and automotive are forcing hardware and software teams to work together, but gaps still remain. This article discusses about what are the major advances in multi-core design. Read More Learn more about how T&VS Automotive Verification and Test solutions help to address the challenges of delivering safe, secure and compliant automotive products.

2019-04-16T12:44:10+00:0016th April, 2019|Blog, Thought Leadership|

The What, Why, and How of Automation Testing

The main benefit of performing automation testing is that it compares the actual and expected results and generates detailed test reports. So, accordingly, it shows the areas of weakness and improvement, which is indispensable for every organization to grow in the future. This article discusses about how effective and successful is automation testing. Read More Find how T&VS Test [...]

2019-04-16T11:44:47+00:0016th April, 2019|Blog, Thought Leadership|

What are common IoT security issues and their solutions?

With the proliferation of connected devices under IoT, cybersecurity risks have also increased. Making devices secure against IoT security issues therefore will become a key differentiator for manufacturers. This article discusses about how to overcome security issues in IoT devices. Read More Find out how T&VS IoT services help to build a foundation of trust, security and safety in [...]

2019-04-16T10:41:20+00:0016th April, 2019|Blog, Thought Leadership|

Is Embedded IoT Security A Pipe Dream?

Security breaches are increasing with the propagation of IoT devices across multiple markets and industries as connected devices, contributing data from multitudes of sensors, introduce additional portals to vulnerability. This article discusses about how to protect IoT devices from security breaches. Read More Find out how T&VS IoT services help to build a foundation of trust, security [...]

2019-04-16T10:38:12+00:0016th April, 2019|Blog, Thought Leadership|

5 Steps to Create a Realistic Load Test

Functional testing and non-functional testing of an application are slightly different from each other. Functional testing has structured tests scenarios but when it comes to non-functional ones, there are performance testing and usability testing where the user’s perspective comes into play. This article elaborates how to create an effective load testing. Read More Find out how T&VS Software [...]

2019-04-15T06:47:49+00:0015th April, 2019|Blog, Thought Leadership|