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A selection of posts from T&VS and other industry thought-leaders on a variety of topics relating to making products more reliable, safe and secure.

Open Source Processors: Fact Or Fiction?

Open source processors are rapidly gaining mindshare, fuelled in part by early successes of RISC-V, but that interest frequently is accompanied by misinformation based on wishful thinking and a lack of understanding about what exactly open source entails. This article elaborates what are the facts and fictions involved in open source processors. Read More To [...]

5 Ways to Shift Performance Testing Left

Performance testing is often a barrier to accelerating software delivery. Much like testing other non-functional requirements, application performance has traditionally been measured late in the software development lifecycle, as a finished application and a production-like testing environment is necessary to get valid performance results. This article outlines how to start shifting performance testing left. Read [...]

Want to improve quality? Give ethical hackers access to your code

When ethical hackers have access to a product's code and internal structure, they can focus their attention on deep, mission-critical concerns. This is far more efficient than spending valuable time looking for surface vulnerabilities to gain entry. This article outlines how to improve quality by using penetration testing. Read More Understand how T&VS Penetration Testing services help [...]

Can We Trust Our Smart City? What We Need from Cybersecurity for the Future of IoT Cities

The scale and implications of a cyberattack on a smart city’s infrastructure are massive. Securing smart cities against threats is currently a massive challenge. The growing number of devices and complexity of a smart city calls for a new, out-of-the-box approach to cybersecurity. This article outlines how to protect smart cities from cyber-attacks. Read More [...]

An Important Next Step for Portable Stimulus Adoption

Many observers see PSS approach as the next major advance in verification beyond the Universal Verification Methodology (UVM), and the next step higher in abstraction for specifying verification intent. The basic idea is to create high-level models that can be used by EDA tools to generate test cases automatically. This article shows how to successfully [...]

An Automated Approach to Regression Testing

Testing every single thing isn't feasible, so regression testing should be holistic in verification while focused in scope. A good goal is to ensure no regression issue is introduced into a critical business flow. This article shows how automated testing approach can reduce regression issues. Read More Find out how T&VS Software Testing services help you to [...]

How To Automate Functional Safety

Both established companies and new players are demanding to play a role in the automotive space. This article discusses about functional safety thinking, techniques and approaches to automation. Read More Learn more about how T&VS Automotive Verification and Test solutions help to address the challenges of delivering safe, secure and compliant automotive products.

Evolution of IoT in Healthcare

Increasing acceptance of the IoT has potentially life-saving applications within the healthcare industry. By collecting data from bedside devices, viewing patient information and diagnosing in real time, the entire system of patient care could be improved with the help of IoT in healthcare, including the patient experience. This article explains how IoT technology helps to [...]

Speed up design and verification with a smaller layout

Today’s large full-chip integrated circuit (IC) layouts can be very frustrating. Just viewing them requires powerful computers with substantial memory, and they are not always readily available. Saving part of a full-chip layout as a separate layout allows engineers to focus only on the area that is relevant to the specific task at hand. This [...]