ee-time-logoIn a recent blog for EETimes, Mike Bartley (founder and CEO of TVS) shared his perspective on the threat that hardware Trojans place on the SoC industry.
mike-bartley-web It is unclear whether hardware Trojans have been deployed in production ICs or whether the incentives to do so are sufficiently strong to make it a major risk. However, actions by some publicly funded institutions — such as the decision by the Semiconductor Research Council (SRC) to create and fund the Trustworthy and Secure Semiconductors and Systems (T3S) Consortium — indicate that the threat is being taken seriously.

The SRC announced that it would spend $9 million on research over an initial three-year period. In May 2014, SRC convened a workshop to canvas opinions from academia and industry on the direction the countermeasures work should take.

This year’s Design Automation Conference (June 1-5, 2014) highlighted some intriguing ways in which countermeasures against Trojans could be developed, such as a competition in which teams of students go up against teams of researchers, both using their skills to deploy and detect hard malware….