TVS is pleased to announce that the March release of asureSIGN (now being used by existing asureSIGN clients) is now available for evaluation by prospective clients. asureSIGN is a flexible tool which can be used for the following:

  • Verification management: High level Test plans, these may then be further refined into atomic level test plans directly relating to either a single or multiple tests.
  • Requirement Management: Top level Requirement features are listed, these are further refined into sub features and atomic level features which can then map to test plans as above.
  • Standards compliance: Proof of implementation of requirements through test results as required by the standards or guidelines which are mandatory for industries such as automotive, avionics, defence, rail, nuclear, industrial, etc.

The March release adds custom attributes (allowing users to define status, priorities and DAL/ASIL levels for requirements, features, verification goals), the ability to merge results from multiple sources (formal verification, simulation, software tests, coverage, etc.), improved program management (asureVIEW which can give a single verification summary across multiple HW/SW projects) and improved facilities to manage Requirements, Features, Goals and Verification Metrics.

Future 2015 releases will include better integration with Doors, Simulink and Jira; storage of the history of changes to Requirements, Features, Goals and Verification Metrics; improved analysis of the impact of proposed changes; as well as Qualification Kit for avionics, automotive, etc.

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You can request your evaluation by emailing TVS at [email protected] .