T&VS is proud to have received further Cadencecertification in a second round of training on PSS and Perspec. Sivasankari, who joined the T&VS Chennai office in 2011, is one of the engineers who participated in the Perspec training and completed the certification exercise which is part of the close PSS collaboration between Cadence and PSS.

Sivasankari commented that “the training provided by Cadence was very comprehensive, covering both PSS and Perspec, and was professionally delivered by Cadence PSS experts”. She added that “the certification exercise was well constructed and gave her the opportunity to demonstrate her ability to apply the PSS on Perspec”.

T&VS see PSS as a major EDA initiative that will revolutionise the way we model systems and generate stimulus, ultimately leading to a major shift in our portability of stimulus and our current concept of verification reuse. Mike Bartley, CEO of T&VS, has committed the company to training a large contingent of engineers in both PSS and Perspec. As a verification veteran, Mike has seen many innovations in verification but likens PSS to huge impact that the arrival of Specman and Vera had on the industry in the late 1990s. Mike is excited to be working with Cadence, stating “a lot of our clients are interested in PSS and Perspec, it is a key part of our strategy to ensure we have the knowledge and skills to support them as they start to ramp up their Perspec-based projects”.

To find out more about T&VS PSS and Perspec support, please visit the T&VS website and join the PSS LinkedIn group to keep up to date.