Addresses the need to make complex systems more reliable, safe and secure

3rd April 2019 – Chennai, India  – Test and Verification Solutions (T&VS), a leading hardware verification and software testing solutions provider, today announced it has established a dedicated group of system-integration and software experts to address the challenges posed in designing, integrating and testing complex systems.  The new group will focus on meeting the growing demand for cost-effective, system-level and cloud-based solutions that will make complex products and system more reliable, safe and secure.

“The challenges posed in developing and testing fully functional systems comprising a diverse range of hardware and software from a variety of different sources has made system integration a truly formidable task.” said Dr. Mike Bartley, founder and CEO, T&VS. “Meeting these challenges can stretch any development team, especially when resources are limited, and timescales are short. By establishing this focused group, we can offer our customers cost-efficient system-integration services that are fully tested, safe and secure and leverage our core expertise in test, development, security, networking, and storage”.

Integrated Cloud-Based Services

Cloud-based services are increasingly forming an important part of any system integration solution and the groups Cloud-Ready-Solutions have been tailored to help organisations quickly and effectively adopt proven, fully tested cloud-based computing where it is appropriate to do so.

“With ever-increasing functionality being packed into every new product iteration, system integration has become a complex, time-consuming and error prone exercise.”  said Parthiban Palanivel, head of the new Telecom, Systems and Software Solutions Group.  “Over the last 18 months we have seen a significant growth in demand for our System Integration and Cloud-Based services, with much of it coming from the banking, fintech, insurance, consumer and automotive sectors.  Our global presence, flexible engagement models, proven track record across a broad range of industries and technologies, coupled with our best-in-class test strategies means we are well placed to take advantage of these new opportunities and deliver on our customers requirements.”

About T&VS

T&VS (Test and Verification Solutions Ltd) was formed in 2008 to provide services to organisations developing complex products in the microelectronics and embedded systems industries. Such organisations use T&VS to verify their hardware and software products, employ industry best practice and manage peaks in development and testing programmes.  T&VS’ embedded software testing services includes onsite/offshore testing support including assistance with safety certification and security testing. T&VS hardware verification services include onsite/offshore verification support and training in advanced verification methodologies. T&VS also offers Verification IPs and its own Verification (EDA) signoff tool.  Learn more at

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