TVS, a contributor member of the MIPI Alliance, has developed a diverse portfolio of MIPI Verification IPs (VIPs) which cater to multiple segments of the mobile market. TVS MIPI VIPs are proven in different development environments and are easily customizable for additional customer requirements.

TVS has established a track record as a well-known supplier of MIPI VIPs with some of the major milestones being:

The Verification IP (VIP) supplied by TVS follows a well-defined development process that starts with a feature extraction based on the interface specification from the MIPI Alliance. Not only does this provide a common start point with the client but importantly, an independent development of the VIP. All the VIP deliverables are also linked to the specification through the feature extraction, thus making it easier for users to understand the objectives of the VIP.
TVS has extensive experience in VIP development. With a VIP suite that includes VIPs for Networking, ARM-based protocols, MIPI, Memory & Storage and Universal Serial IO, TVS specializes in providing off the shelf VIP components that can be easily integrated into customer SoC Verification environments at block level and SoC level.

For more details of the TVS MIPI Verification IP suite, contact us at
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