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IP Management And Development At 5/3nm

The growing complexity of moving to new process nodes is making it much more difficult to create, manage and re-use IP. There are more rules, more data to manage, and more potential interactions as density increases, both in planar implementations and in advanced packaging. This article elaborates on how to manage and develop IP at 5/3nm. [...]

When cars own the road: The future of IoT and connected vehicles

Automakers today have an unprecedented opportunity to save money and build new revenue streams by pulling vast troves of data from connected vehicles.This article shows what is the future of IoT and connected vehicles. Read More Learn more about how T&VS Automotive Verification and Test solutions help to address the challenges of delivering safe, secure and compliant [...]

Hacking vs. Ethical Hacking: What Sets Them Apart?

Mistakes made by programmers while developing or working on software are picked up by hackers to penetrate the security framework of the software.Ethical hacking is conducted by hackers as well, but their intention behind hacking is not for malicious purposes. This article outlines how ethical hacking is different from hacking. Read More Understand how T&VS Penetration [...]

Ensuring system-level security of complex SoCs

True system security begins with hardware. Without hardware security, even the most secure software base will be ineffective at preventing attacks.Processor designers use hardware roots of trust, a minimal amount of hardware and supporting software, to handle security-critical functionality.This article explains how to ensure system-level security of complex SoCs. Read More Find out how T&VS [...]

ISO 26262: A Brief Introduction

The design of the safety functions in these vehicles is governed by the international standard ISO 26262, which is itself an adaptation of IEC 61508. Unlike most other industry-specific adaptations, ISO 26262 does not list IEC 61508 as a normative reference. This article explains how to design a secure safety function according to ISO 26262 standard. Read [...]

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PenTest Exposes Weaknesses Before Real Hackers Do

As hackers become more skilled and sophisticated, it puts the onus of business owners to ensure that their cybersecurity systems can protect against threats. One of the most important tools that companies can use to defend themselves is that of penetration testing. This article outlines how penetration testing helps to expose weaknesses before any real [...]

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Impacts Of Reliability On Power And Performance

With performance improvements increasingly tied to architectures and microarchitectures, approaches such as determinism and different kinds of caching increasingly are becoming critical elements in a design. This article discusses about how determinism and coherency are becoming increasingly important as chips are used across a wide range of applications. Read More Find out how T&VS Verification [...]

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Automotive ICs and ISO 26262

Safety: The Absence of Unreasonable Risk Author: Mike Bartley, T&VS founder and CEO | Filed as: automotive ics and ISO 26262 In a recent Design and Verification Europe meeting (DVClub) organised by T&VS a wide range of expert speakers shared their experiences on how to ensure automotive ICs are compliant with the safety requirements [...]

Web Application Security: 7 Best Practices You Need to Know

Despite advantages of web application,it has become one of the favourite attack vectors of cybercriminals. Web application security has become one of the topics of greatest interest to security professionals and businesses around the world. This article elaborates how to improve the security of web applications. Read More Find how T&VS Web Application Security Services enable you to prevent [...]

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