I believe we are living in a period of immense change in verification tools, techniques and strategy. This is fostering a number of verification start-ups as well as new tools from the established vendors. Jim Hogan, perhaps the best-known investor in the EDA space, has labelled this revolution “verification 3.0”. Brian Bailey, as always, has done an excellent job of capturing this in anarticle which can be found here

Brian identifies 5 verification technologies as the foundations of Verification 3.0: the continuum of verification engines; the era of large-scale computing; the intelligent testbench; the merging of hardware and software; and the expanding role of verification. These are expanded on in the article.

Brian says “never have so many changes converged in such a narrow time frame, making a new verification methodology essential”. T&VS are working hard on this methodology: partnering with the major EDA vendors and the start-ups; and helping clients develop the correct methodologies to ease adoption and maximise impact.

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