Following on from the success of last year’s first UK Verification conference, Verification Futures travelled across Europe this year, show-casing presentations from internationally-renowned speakers such as Harry Foster of Mentor Graphics, Janick Bergeran from Synopsis and Jacek Majkowski of Aldec.

We had over 472 participants from 200 companies in 27 countries – it’s a popular event! But of course it is about much more than just numbers, as the event is set up for user companies to outline their challenges and for the EDA vendors to respond with some solutions.

It’s been a unique opportunity for vendors to hear challenges first hand – we had 36 challenges presented across the 3 events, many are the same but this reinforces their importance. It also allows users to hear the EDA plans and provide their feedback.

On behalf of TVS I would like to extend huge thanks to our sponsors, for taking part and sharing their knowledge across these events. They are: Aldec Inc, Cadence, Eve, Mentor Graphics, SpringSoft Inc, Breker Systems, Doulos, Jasper and Synopsys. And not least the participants, who made Verification Futures 2012 the event it has become, with a lot of lively debates and a number of frank views exchanged.

If you would like the chance to see some of these presentations, then click on the link below (the recordings will be available shortly): /verification-futures/