5G Wireless Technology will be crucial not only in the communication space but also in our daily lives. 5G devices and networks will become ubiquitous, supporting a faster wireless eco-system. One major challenge in the development and operation of telecommunication environments is the verification of network and device capabilities against multiple possible execution platforms. T&VS has identified the following key 5G testing challenges:

  • Reduced Latency (<1ms)
  • Energy & Cost Savings (NW and Terminals)
  • Higher Data Rate (100x)
  • Higher System Capacity (1000x)
  • Massive Device Connectivity (100x)

T&VS will leverage our key strengths in AI, biometrics, network and other technologies to collaborate with various semi-con and wireless clients on the development, verification, validation, testing and demonstration of technologies and services for the commercialization of 5G.

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